The presence of your own feeding line is a great help for the farmer. If he is engaged in livestock, then he is independent of his external suppliers. There are many solutions for creating such a line on the farm, so it can be found wherever grain or corn is grown. So, what does the feed line consist of?
Crushes, also known as grinders, are used to grind cereal grain using corolla (knives). They are the most versatile shredded. The degree of grinding is achieved by choosing the corresponding size of the grid. They can achieve great efficiency. Among the grinders, suction and pressure devices, as well as loading (gravitational) devices, can be distinguished. Grinders of pressure absorption- provide an automatic collection of grain from a heap or any silage (plane-water and funnel-shaped) and pneumatic supply of a screw directly into the mixer. Thanks to the use of screens with slots, the shot remains cool. Each chopper is equipped with a dirt, absorbing and a discharge hose, as well as a control unit with ammeter and thermal protection. The device can be equipped with a multi -way distributor that facilitates the collection of grain from several places. It is also worth using a metal stamping pipe (instead of a PVC cable), which extends the service life of this element and eliminates the phenomenon of electrostatality.
The role of the mixer is to correctly mix all the components that are part of the scatter feed for animals. The mixer can operate as an independent device, but can be combined in a line for working with a pressure -linked hammer mill, a bunker grinder (the so -called gravitational grinder) and a crusher. Vertical mixers - with a vertical mixing system, are released with a wide lifting capacity of 500 kg to 3000 kg. Their advantage is a lower price compared to horizontal mixers, as well as the required smaller area in the feeder. Working with a absorption and pressure hammer mill, each mixer is equipped with an input nozzle for pneumatic loading of a rot, a basket for loading veling components, unloading feed and upper or side filtration system (for low rooms). In addition, the device can be equipped with elements that facilitate its operation, for example, unloading fat for feed, a packaging machine or a timer.
Vertical mixers can also be performed in the option with a basket of making feed additives on a screw conveyor.
Horizontal mixers - are designed for those who care about the ideal quality of mixing feed. Compared to the vertical mixer, the degree of mixing of the finished feed mixture is much higher, thanks to the horizontal mixing system used, and is 1: 100,000. An additional advantage of the horizontal mixer is a very short mixing time and fast feed unloading. One day I was walking along the road in the afternoon and I found an ad about this online casino named since then I play here and earn a lot of money.